Do you workout?

So, I haven’t been out running in months. Probably at least 6 months. My ankle was bothering me enough to make me stop. While I stopped running, I haven’t stopped working out. Regular exercise has been a part of my life for years and years.

I’ve been giving my exercise bike a good workout again. I wish I had started a continuous accounting of the miles on it when I got it. There are thousands and thousands of miles on that bike. I love it!

And, weight work is a consistent part of my life as well. Building muscle is so important, especially since I’m not getting any younger, lol.

I’ve been following Chris Freytag from Get Healthy U and Get Healthy U Tv for a while now. A month or so ago, I decided to join Get Healthy U Tv. This is a subscription that gives me access to tons of workouts, meal planning, live workouts, recipes, etc. I love it! She gives a code to join for just $10 for a year, for a premium subscription. But, I joined as a Gold member for $20 for the entire year. This level gives me access to the live workouts. The price will go up, of course, to renew at the end of the year. I love it so much, I’m seriously thinking about continuing when the year is up. But, for now, I’m just enjoying it. My ankle bothers me sometimes, but not as much as when I was running. Maybe, once the weather warms up, I’ll try running again. But, for now, I’m loving this.

This morning, I did a live kettlebell workout. I follow along on my computer as they are doing it live in their studio. It was so much fun, and a really great workout. There are a wide variety of workouts available on the site. And, with my membership, I can download 10 full length videos to have forever. It’s pretty great!

Chris Freytag is a great motivator! I follow her on Facebook and Instagram. On Mondays, at lunchtime, she goes live on Facebook to talk about all kinds of health and fitness related topics. It’s great! You should definitely check it out.

I also got a Fitbit Flex 2 a while back. Christopher and Sarah recommended it. I love this too. It tracks my steps, my sleep, my exercise, my water intake. It motivates me to move even more throughout the day.

I’m feeling pretty good, health wise. I’m maintaining my weight loss from last year, which I love. Still eating a mostly healthy diet. I enjoy treats, but I don’t overdo it. And I’m still drinking a ton of water.

It really does pay to take care of yourself.



Ski Fun

Yesterday, Adam and I went back to the ski resort to have some fun. Our original plan was to go today. But, the temp is gonna be in the 60’s today and we figured that would make for not great conditions on the slopes. It was around 50 yesterday. Not great for the slopes, but we went anyway.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Adam was out of school for winter break. I had things to do in the morning, so we went to the slopes in the afternoon. It was not busy at all there, which was great for me. You see, I was going to attempt to get back on skis, and having fewer people there made me more comfortable.

I was in the ski club in high school, way back when. I was not great, but I had fun. When we went to this resort a few weeks ago, I didn’t ski. I took pics with my camera. This trip, however, I decided to give it a try.

We got our lift passes, and I had to rent skis and boots. Adam has his own snowboard and boots, so he was good to go. We started on the bunny hill. I surprised myself by graduating from there after just a few trips down. We moved over to the next hill, a little bigger than the bunny hill. The more we went down that hill, the better I felt, and the more confidence I gained.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to try a lift and a bigger hill. Adam stayed with me the whole time, instead of going and doing his own thing. I loved that! The first time down this bigger hill scared the crap out of me. You really pick up speed quickly! But, I did it! I had one wipeout, it was kind of fun! The hardest part of that was getting my skis back on on the hill.

We would spend the rest of the evening on this hill. I was getting comfortable there and was not ready to tackle anything bigger. It was so much fun!

As much as I want spring to get here, I wouldn’t mind having the opportunity to go back and ski some more this season. Hopefully, Christopher and Sarah can come next time.

It really is like riding a bike! Once you know how, it all comes back to you!


It’s real, people!

It’s real. It has a name. And it sucks!

I’m talking about Misophonia. Do you know what that is? Misophonia, also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome, is the strong dislike, or hatred of certain sounds. It begins with a trigger sound, such as chewing, breathing, yawning, whistling, and on and on. The trigger sound produces a severe negative reaction to the sound, such as anger, fear, irritation, rage or panic. There is no cure, and doctors aren’t sure what causes it.

Adam has Misophonia. While he has not yet been officially diagnosed, he has been dealing with it for several years now. When he first started showing signs of the disorder, I thought it was a phase that he would grow out of. I had never seen anything like it before. I didn’t take it seriously. I’m sorry Adam. We gave him grief a lot about his anger toward the sound of our chewing. Chewing. That is his trigger. Not his own chewing, just other people chewing.

It’s getting worse as he gets older. He’s in high school now, a junior. When he was a freshman, he complained to me about kids chewing gum in the classroom, and how that drove him crazy. I thought that if he chewed gum himself, it would mask the noise of the other kids. It didn’t work.

He can handle fairly well being in the cafeteria for lunch. It’s noisy and there are lots of distractions. But in the relative quiet of the classrooms, that’s where he struggles. Not academically. Good grades have always come easy for him. No, it’s the noise of other kids chewing that drives him crazy. He can’t concentrate.

I finally brought it to the attention of the school principal. While he was sympathetic, he told me that without an official diagnosis, they could not make any accommodations for him in the classroom. I don’t know what kind of accommodations a diagnosis will provide, but I’ve got to try whatever I can to help him.

So, off to the pediatrician we went. He cannot diagnose this condition, so he referred us to a pediatric neurologist. The neurologist is only in the office 3 days a week. As a result, we have an appointment, but not for 3 weeks. In the meantime, the Director of Academic Support at school will sit down with Adam next week to talk about coping strategies.

Adam is super frustrated by all of this. He’s frustrated that he can’t control how he feels when he hears the chewing. He’s frustrated that he has to deal with it at all. He’s frustrated that there seems to be no way to fix it. He’s frustrated that we, nor anyone who doesn’t have it, really have no idea what it’s like. He’s frustrated that someone who doesn’t have misophonia is going to talk to him about coping strategies. He comes home from school every day and tells me he is not going back, he can’t deal with it anymore.

I’m frustrated because I can’t fix it. I have done a ton of reading about misophonia. I go out of my way to be careful about chewing around him. When it’s time for dinner, I tell him what we are having, and then he decides if he can tolerate being at the table or whether he will sit at his desk in him room to eat, based on what is on the menu. I’m fine with that, if it helps him. I will do whatever I can to help him deal with this.

I don’t know what will be involved in getting a diagnosis. Testing of some kind, I would assume. And, I don’t know what will happen once we have a diagnosis, if anything. I also don’t want him to develop other triggers, which can happen, according to things I’ve read.  I have read about tips and tricks people use to help avoid triggers. And, I’ve read about tips people use once the trigger sounds are heard to change their reaction to the trigger sound.  Adam is not open to these yet.

I hope and pray that this is not something that Adam will have to live with for the rest of his life. I cannot even begin to imagine!

I love you, Adam!

Winter Fun

Yesterday, the boys and I, along with our very good friend who is like a son to me, Austin, drove about an hour away to a ski hill to have some fun. Adam hoped to get more experience on his snowboard. Christopher was gonna be trying skiing for the very first time. And Austin, well, he’s pretty much a pro on his snowboard. And me, well, I was gonna be the photographer and support person.

Adam and Austin both have their own snowboards. Christopher had to rent his ski gear. We got their lift passes, the gear, and headed out to the slopes.

They started out on a bunny hill, just practicing and giving Christopher a chance to get the hang of the skis.


That’s Christopher and Adam nearing the top of the carpet lift, while Austin is in white, patiently waiting at the top.

We spent a lot of time at the bunny hill. But, the boys quickly gained confidence on their respective gear. Adam was ready to tackle a bigger hill with Austin, so off they went to the chair lift. This would be the first time Adam rode a chair lift.


Here they are getting on the lift. Adam did pretty darn good coming down this first time!


My snowboarder!

We decided to go in and get a bite to eat. They would be closing the hills shortly, anyway, for grooming. We enjoyed the warmth of being inside and some food. Then, we headed back out so that when the grooming was done, they could get back at it.



My skier!

After more time on the bunny hill, Christopher decided he was ready to try a slightly bigger hill. He aced it, as did Adam. Finally, Christopher decided he was ready to tackle the chair lift and an even bigger hill. This would be where they would spend the rest of the evening. They had a blast!

It was so much fun for me to watch my boys gain confidence on the slopes! Big smiles from them, and seeing the joy in their faces made standing in the cold so worth it! I am so proud of them!!

I’ll admit, I was afraid to get back on skis. I was in the ski club in high school, a thousand years ago, lol. So, once again, I let fear rule, and was content to be the photographer and cheerleader. But, standing there, watching my boys brought back a lot of fun memories from those high school ski trips. Maybe next time, I’ll tag along again. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be brave and put some skies on and have fun with my boys instead of just watching. It’s probably like riding a bike, right? Once you know how, it all comes back to you.

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