Do you workout?

So, I haven’t been out running in months. Probably at least 6 months. My ankle was bothering me enough to make me stop. While I stopped running, I haven’t stopped working out. Regular exercise has been a part of my life for years and years. I’ve been giving my exercise bike a good workout again. … More Do you workout?

Ski Fun

Yesterday, Adam and I went back to the ski resort to have some fun. Our original plan was to go today. But, the temp is gonna be in the 60’s today and we figured that would make for not great conditions on the slopes. It was around 50 yesterday. Not great for the slopes, but … More Ski Fun

It’s real, people!

It’s real. It has a name. And it sucks! I’m talking about Misophonia. Do you know what that is? Misophonia, also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome, is the strong dislike, or hatred of certain sounds. It begins with a trigger sound, such as chewing, breathing, yawning, whistling, and on and on. The trigger sound … More It’s real, people!

Winter Fun

Yesterday, the boys and I, along with our very good friend who is like a son to me, Austin, drove about an hour away to a ski hill to have some fun. Adam hoped to get more experience on his snowboard. Christopher was gonna be trying skiing for the very first time. And Austin, well, … More Winter Fun