Winter Fun

Yesterday, the boys and I, along with our very good friend who is like a son to me, Austin, drove about an hour away to a ski hill to have some fun. Adam hoped to get more experience on his snowboard. Christopher was gonna be trying skiing for the very first time. And Austin, well, he’s pretty much a pro on his snowboard. And me, well, I was gonna be the photographer and support person.

Adam and Austin both have their own snowboards. Christopher had to rent his ski gear. We got their lift passes, the gear, and headed out to the slopes.

They started out on a bunny hill, just practicing and giving Christopher a chance to get the hang of the skis.


That’s Christopher and Adam nearing the top of the carpet lift, while Austin is in white, patiently waiting at the top.

We spent a lot of time at the bunny hill. But, the boys quickly gained confidence on their respective gear. Adam was ready to tackle a bigger hill with Austin, so off they went to the chair lift. This would be the first time Adam rode a chair lift.


Here they are getting on the lift. Adam did pretty darn good coming down this first time!


My snowboarder!

We decided to go in and get a bite to eat. They would be closing the hills shortly, anyway, for grooming. We enjoyed the warmth of being inside and some food. Then, we headed back out so that when the grooming was done, they could get back at it.



My skier!

After more time on the bunny hill, Christopher decided he was ready to try a slightly bigger hill. He aced it, as did Adam. Finally, Christopher decided he was ready to tackle the chair lift and an even bigger hill. This would be where they would spend the rest of the evening. They had a blast!

It was so much fun for me to watch my boys gain confidence on the slopes! Big smiles from them, and seeing the joy in their faces made standing in the cold so worth it! I am so proud of them!!

I’ll admit, I was afraid to get back on skis. I was in the ski club in high school, a thousand years ago, lol. So, once again, I let fear rule, and was content to be the photographer and cheerleader. But, standing there, watching my boys brought back a lot of fun memories from those high school ski trips. Maybe next time, I’ll tag along again. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be brave and put some skies on and have fun with my boys instead of just watching. It’s probably like riding a bike, right? Once you know how, it all comes back to you.

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