Our dog, Zeke, is totally a mama’s boy.

When we adopted him from the shelter, I had no idea how much I would come to love him. I loved Coco so much, and I figured there was no way another dog would capture just as much of my  heart as Coco had.

When I am home, Zeke follows me around all day long, even in the bathroom. It’s like having a toddler again, lol. If he needs to go out, or just wants a treat, he comes to me, even if everyone else is home. He sits on the couch next to me. He meets me at the door when I come home, usually with a doggie hug.

I love this dog so much. He’s perfect. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. He does, once in a while, make a mess in the house. But, he knows when he has done something wrong, and his ears go down and he gets the saddest look in his eyes. It’s hard to be mad at him, lol.

How on earth did we ever get along without him? I’m so glad we decided to go to the shelter that day. And, I’m so glad we met him!

He is frequently the subject of my photos.

Love him! ❤️

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