I am healing. My recovery/healing is going as expected, according to my doctor. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post-surgery. I’m feeling good, but I have not been cleared to get back to any strenuous activity. It’s a little frustrating because I’m feeling good, but can’t do much.

I don’t go back to the doctor, now, until mid July. So, I’m trying to enjoy the fact that I can’t work, and just relish the downtime, especially with summer here. I do lots of reading, spend time on my computer, hang out at the pool, even though I can only put my feet in, and just spend time outside. It’s not so bad, lol!

At my one week post-op doctor visit, I got the ok from my doc to begin applying essential oils to my incisions. I’ve been putting Frankincense directly on my incisions. Frankincense offers amazing skin support, and my hope is that it will help minimize scarring. I’ve also applied Lavender, but mostly the Frankincense. My stitches have not completely dissolved yet, but I will continue applying the Frankincense daily. The incisions are healing nicely.

I use Young Living essential oils. If you would like more info about how great they are, please message me at simpsonjannita@gmail.com.

Want to get your own essential oils? Click here!


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