Majestic Creatures

We had the opportunity to see the beautiful Budweiser Clydesdales over the weekend. They were in the parking lot of our local Meijer store to make a ceremonial delivery to the store. We watched as each horse was led out of the trucks. They got groomed, dressed in their gear and then hitched to the … More Majestic Creatures

Thieves Dish Soap

Another great product in the Thieves line from Young Living is Thieves Dish Soap. It’s a great way to wash your dishes and know that your skin is not absorbing nasty chemicals. It is made with plant based ingredients and infused with essential oils. It is free from SLS, dyes, SLES, formaldehyde, phosphates and synthetic … More Thieves Dish Soap


What inspires you? As a photographer, yes I just called myself a photographer, I am inspired by a lot. I love to shoot nature shots, like flowers, trees, landscapes, plants, etc. I love capturing the beauty of a flower! But, I also love capturing lots of other things as well. I like to use my … More Inspiration


Lavender essential oil is a must have at our house. It’s commonly referred to as the swiss army knife of oils. That’s because it’s useful for so many things. I love to put lavender oil in my diffuser at bedtime. It helps to promote a restful night of sleep. If you struggle at all with … More Lavender

Fresh Veggies

I went to my local Farmers Market this morning. They are open every Saturday morning, and, during the summer months, they are also open on Tuesday mornings. I try to get there as frequently as I can. I have a small garden, with only tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and parsley planted. I have been enjoying … More Fresh Veggies

Who knew?

What?? I just used Lemongrass essential oil to remove my nail polish! Holy cow! I didn’t know that was possible. No more nasty-smelling nail polish remover for me. I love the smell of lemongrass essential oil, so I will love using it this way. One more step toward a chemical free life. Want to know … More Who knew?


We got a new puppy yesterday. His name is Zeus, and he’s a German shepherd. He is 8 weeks old, and he already has us wrapped around his big paws! We’ve been wanting to get another dog, a playmate for Zeke. Tim really wanted a German shepherd, so that’s what we looked for. We brought … More Zeus


A couple of weeks ago, we went on an adventure. We took a ride back up to Marquette. Marquette is the home of Northern Michigan University. Christopher went to college there, and we fell in love with the area during our many trips while he was in school there. We had not been back up … More Adventure