A couple of weeks ago, we went on an adventure. We took a ride back up to Marquette. Marquette is the home of Northern Michigan University. Christopher went to college there, and we fell in love with the area during our many trips while he was in school there. We had not been back up there since he graduated, so we decided to make a short visit.

It’s a long ride, but the beauty of northern Michigan is so worth the trip! We were all tired of riding by the time we got to the hotel. We checked in, and chilled out for a short time. We stayed at the same hotel that we usually stayed during our many trips there. But, the hotel had been completely remodeled. It was very nice!

We set right out to explore the sights that we love so much. We went to Presque Isle Park, Black Rocks, Little Presque Isle, spent time at multiple beaches along the shores of Lake Superior, dined at favorite restaurants, took lots of photos, visited the campus of NMU, which has also undergone some major changes, and Christopher and Adam climbed Hogsback mountain.

It was a great trip, and someday, we will visit again.

We also confirmed that long car rides and Misophonia do not go together very well. It was quite a stressful trip for Adam. His struggle is getting worse, as he has even more triggers now. I wish I could make it go away for him! But, since I can’t, I will do whatever I can to avoid the sounds, noises, action, etc., that trigger him.

I have a new portfolio of photos on 500px. There are pictures there from this trip. Check it out!

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