Fresh Veggies

I went to my local Farmers Market this morning. They are open every Saturday morning, and, during the summer months, they are also open on Tuesday mornings. I try to get there as frequently as I can.

I have a small garden, with only tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and parsley planted. I have been enjoying the cucumbers, they’re so good fresh from the garden. I have a lot of tomatoes, but no red ones yet. I picked the first green pepper yesterday and enjoyed it with lunch today. I have cut parsley multiple times.

Because my garden is small, I like to supplement it with veggies from the Farmers Market. Today, I got zucchini, yellow squash, green beans and sweet corn. I also got eggs, some sunflowers and a couple homemade sweet treats.

The market was really busy this morning, which is awesome for all the vendors there. I love to buy locally!

Do you shop at your local Farmers Market? What do you like to get there?


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