Lavender essential oil is a must have at our house. It’s commonly referred to as the swiss army knife of oils. That’s because it’s useful for so many things.

I love to put lavender oil in my diffuser at bedtime. It helps to promote a restful night of sleep. If you struggle at all with sleep issues, as I do, lavender oil should be on your list of oils to never be without!

Lavender oil is also amazing for skin support! Our new puppy, Zeus, loves to bite/nip/chew on anything and everything. Including us, lol. I love to put lavender oil on the scrapes and scratches I get from our new little fur ball.

Lavender is also great when combined with other oils. I get great support for seasonal issues when I combine lavender with lemon oil and peppermint oil. I put them in a roller bottle and apply as needed. Really great! This combo is also great in the diffuser.


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