What inspires you?

As a photographer, yes I just called myself a photographer, I am inspired by a lot. I love to shoot nature shots, like flowers, trees, landscapes, plants, etc. I love capturing the beauty of a flower! But, I also love capturing lots of other things as well.

I like to use my macro extension tube to get macro shots of bugs, leaves, really anything. Your whole perception of something changes when you see it through a macro lens. I would love to get a real macro lens someday, instead of using the extension tube. Maybe I could ask Santa for one this year.

Our dogs are also favorite subjects for me. Zeus, the new puppy, doesn’t sit still for long unless  he’s sleeping, but it’s fun to try to catch him with the camera. And Zeke, well, he’s easy to get shots of, although I’m sure he’s tired of my camera in his face, lol.

I love to go on adventures with my camera. And it doesn’t even have to be a far away adventure. Sometimes it’s cool just to take the camera and go into town, or any local place and get some shots. Our trip to Colorado last Christmas was my favorite camera excursion so far. I just love the mountains, and the scenery out there is very inspiring!

I’m going to attempt to do senior pictures for Adam myself. I know he’s not going to be into sitting for pictures at all, so maybe if it’s me behind the camera, he’ll be a little more willing. If I can get great pics of flowers and all those things I love to capture with the camera, then surely I can get some great shots of Adam! Fingers crossed.

Check out my portfolio at 500px.

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