Missing my dad today. It’s not a special day, or an anniversary related to him. I just miss him. Sometimes, a girl just needs her dad, you know? I wish I could talk to him. Well, I do talk to him, every day. But, he’s in heaven, and he can’t really chat with me. But, … More Dad

More options

Ok, so here are some more ways to use the basic starter kit to join Young Living. Get the basic starter kit and add some Shutran products for the man in your life. Or, get the basic kit and add some products to support your workout routines. Add some of the great Slique products to … More More options


Are you a part of Young Living? Becoming a Young Living member is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only are their essential oils backed by their Seed to Seal promise, but every product they make is full of only good things, no toxins. Why wouldn’t you want to switch out toxin-filled products … More Options

Another Beautiful Day

It’s another beautiful day here! The sun is shining and the temps will be in the 70’s. Summer is winding down quickly. I know fall doesn’t officially arrive until well into September, but school is near! And school means the end of summer. Adam starts school on Wednesday. Mid August! It’s senior year, but still, … More Another Beautiful Day

Do You Remember?

Do you remember the ad slogan for American Express? “Don’t leave home without it.” I think of this slogan every time I pull my bottle of Thieves spray out of my purse. It’s a small bottle, easy enough to stash in a small purse. I use this stuff all over the place! I spray the … More Do You Remember?


Zeus had another vet appointment today to get another round of puppy shots. He does not like car rides. I opened the door to put him in to go, and he backed away. Finally got him in the car, but I had to be quick about closing the door because he was already trying to … More Pupdate

Tool Kit

Our local, county fair is happening this week. When I was a kid, I used to feel that once the fair was done, summer was over. August meant thinking about and getting ready to go back to school. I tell my boys this story every time August and the fair roll around. Adam still rolls … More Tool Kit