Never heard of it!

I saw a photo on Instagram yesterday of a recipe called Eggs in Purgatory. I had never heard of it, but boy did it look good! I found a recipe for it on Pinterest, and used it as a guideline of sorts, but I really made this yumminess based on what I had here.

I sauteed some fresh summer squash, zucchini, and tomatoes in some olive oil. Once the veggies started getting soft, I poured in about a cup or so of marinara sauce. Marinara is what I had on hand. I let that simmer for a few minutes. Then, I dropped an egg in a small bowl, and then, using a spoon, I made an indent in the sauce and dropped the egg in. I did the same for a second egg. I put a lid on the pan and let it simmer for several minutes until the egg was done to my liking.

Can I just tell you that this was amazing?? No one else here would ever eat this, but you can be sure I will make it again, and again, and again! It was that good!

This is not the best pic. Taken with my phone on snapchat, but it gives you a little idea of what this recipe looks like. Try it!



Missing my dad today. It’s not a special day, or an anniversary related to him. I just miss him. Sometimes, a girl just needs her dad, you know?

I wish I could talk to him. Well, I do talk to him, every day. But, he’s in heaven, and he can’t really chat with me. But, I know he hears me. And sometimes, he’s in my dreams. There is so much happening these days, and I wish he was here for all of it, good and bad.

I love you dad!

I know you are smiling down at Christopher and Sarah as they get closer to their wedding day. You would love Sarah so much!  I wish you could be here for the wedding! You’ll be there in spirit.

I know you are so proud of Adam! He’s so smart, and talented and funny! He reminds me of you a little bit. Can you believe he’s a senior? Could you maybe send some extra love and a big hug down for him? He could use it!

And, I could use a dad hug too! Maybe you could show up in my dreams tonight?

I love you! ❤️

More options

Ok, so here are some more ways to use the basic starter kit to join Young Living.

Get the basic starter kit and add some Shutran products for the man in your life. Or, get the basic kit and add some products to support your workout routines.

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Love the outdoors? Get the basic kit and add in some outdoor essentials. Love to cook? Add some of the amazing vitality oils to the basic kit.

Ready to get started? These graphics show you exactly what to do.

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Are you a part of Young Living? Becoming a Young Living member is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only are their essential oils backed by their Seed to Seal promise, but every product they make is full of only good things, no toxins. Why wouldn’t you want to switch out toxin-filled products for all the toxin-free products that Young Living offers? Not to mention all the amazing ways Young Living rewards their members.

Let’s look at options you have when you decide to join Young Living.

Here are some ideas for starting with the basic starter kit and adding products to customize your kit:

Get your Thieves fix with all these great Thieves products, or pamper your baby with the new Seedlings products.

Did you know their is a line of oils geared specifically to kids?

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These are a few suggestions on how to enroll with the basic starter kit and add products to customize your kit. Tomorrow I will show you more options.

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Another Beautiful Day

It’s another beautiful day here! The sun is shining and the temps will be in the 70’s. Summer is winding down quickly. I know fall doesn’t officially arrive until well into September, but school is near! And school means the end of summer.

Adam starts school on Wednesday. Mid August! It’s senior year, but still, starting in mid August is crazy! But, it will go fast and graduation will be here before we know it. Another year of “lasts” is about to start.

Summer break seems to go so quickly, we really need to make the most of every day! We’ve had lots of lazy days this summer, and it’s been amazing! Only one short trip this year, but we enjoyed it.

I’m back to work now after a 3 month recovery from surgery. I must say, it was great being home most of the summer! I had a lot of time to do some soul-searching while I was off. I realized just how burned out I was from cleaning houses. I’ve been cleaning for a living for a lot of years, and, frankly, I’m tired of it. I have arthritis in my hands and they ache like crazy after a day of cleaning.  Even though my right hand is uncomfortable a lot of the time, my hands were relatively pain free this summer while not working. I’m thinking that the end of my cleaning days may be in the not too distant future.

Wedding shower plans are in full swing for Christopher and Sarah. I can’t believe that the wedding is coming up so fast! My how time flies!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and make the most of your days!



Do You Remember?

Do you remember the ad slogan for American Express? “Don’t leave home without it.” I think of this slogan every time I pull my bottle of Thieves spray out of my purse. It’s a small bottle, easy enough to stash in a small purse. I use this stuff all over the place! I spray the bottom of my feet before I head to a cleaning job. I spray the handle of the shopping cart before I start shopping, I spray public toilets, and door handles. I spray my hands all the time, especially after being out in the public somewhere. It has that awesome Thieves scent and offers immune system support while helping me stay above the wellness line. It’s a great addition to your kids backpack this school year. Do you carry your Thieves spray with you? Don’t leave home without it!


Zeus had another vet appointment today to get another round of puppy shots. He does not like car rides. I opened the door to put him in to go, and he backed away. Finally got him in the car, but I had to be quick about closing the door because he was already trying to get out.

He settled in, but stayed close. It’s a five minute ride to the vet.

He was happy to get out of the car once we arrived. Walked him in and told them who we were and they took us right back. He had to be weighed first. 28 pounds! Holy cow! He is growing fast!

Back to the exam room. No exam this time, just a shot. He didn’t even flinch! Of course, the vet tech had him preoccupied with treats while she gave him the shot. We got some flea/tick/heart worm meds (she would only give one dose this time because he’s growing so fast), and for Zeke too, and checked out. We’ll be back in another month.

He was not happy about getting back in the car. But we made it home with no issues. It’s hilarious to me that he is not a fan of car rides. Zeke absolutely loves car rides, and knows what you mean if you say “car ride”. He goes crazy and waits, impatiently, at the door, and then literally drags you to the car! Lol. I hope Zeus will eventually enjoy car rides as much as Zeke.

Tool Kit

Our local, county fair is happening this week. When I was a kid, I used to feel that once the fair was done, summer was over. August meant thinking about and getting ready to go back to school.

I tell my boys this story every time August and the fair roll around. Adam still rolls his eyes every time I say it! Truthfully, though, school starts in two weeks. 😧

I’m happy to have this tool kit of oils on hand to help keep us above the wellness line. We all know that once school starts, yucky things get passed around and brought home. I wish we had had these oils when I was a kid!

Are you ready for back to school?

So much support in these 11 little bottles! Message me at if you would like to know more about this oily goodness.

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