Zeus had another vet appointment today to get another round of puppy shots. He does not like car rides. I opened the door to put him in to go, and he backed away. Finally got him in the car, but I had to be quick about closing the door because he was already trying to get out.

He settled in, but stayed close. It’s a five minute ride to the vet.

He was happy to get out of the car once we arrived. Walked him in and told them who we were and they took us right back. He had to be weighed first. 28 pounds! Holy cow! He is growing fast!

Back to the exam room. No exam this time, just a shot. He didn’t even flinch! Of course, the vet tech had him preoccupied with treats while she gave him the shot. We got some flea/tick/heart worm meds (she would only give one dose this time because he’s growing so fast), and for Zeke too, and checked out. We’ll be back in another month.

He was not happy about getting back in the car. But we made it home with no issues. It’s hilarious to me that he is not a fan of car rides. Zeke absolutely loves car rides, and knows what you mean if you say “car ride”. He goes crazy and waits, impatiently, at the door, and then literally drags you to the car! Lol. I hope Zeus will eventually enjoy car rides as much as Zeke.

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