Missing my dad today. It’s not a special day, or an anniversary related to him. I just miss him. Sometimes, a girl just needs her dad, you know?

I wish I could talk to him. Well, I do talk to him, every day. But, he’s in heaven, and he can’t really chat with me. But, I know he hears me. And sometimes, he’s in my dreams. There is so much happening these days, and I wish he was here for all of it, good and bad.

I love you dad!

I know you are smiling down at Christopher and Sarah as they get closer to their wedding day. You would love Sarah so much!  I wish you could be here for the wedding! You’ll be there in spirit.

I know you are so proud of Adam! He’s so smart, and talented and funny! He reminds me of you a little bit. Can you believe he’s a senior? Could you maybe send some extra love and a big hug down for him? He could use it!

And, I could use a dad hug too! Maybe you could show up in my dreams tonight?

I love you! ❤️

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