Never heard of it!

I saw a photo on Instagram yesterday of a recipe called Eggs in Purgatory. I had never heard of it, but boy did it look good! I found a recipe for it on Pinterest, and used it as a guideline of sorts, but I really made this yumminess based on what I had here.

I sauteed some fresh summer squash, zucchini, and tomatoes in some olive oil. Once the veggies started getting soft, I poured in about a cup or so of marinara sauce. Marinara is what I had on hand. I let that simmer for a few minutes. Then, I dropped an egg in a small bowl, and then, using a spoon, I made an indent in the sauce and dropped the egg in. I did the same for a second egg. I put a lid on the pan and let it simmer for several minutes until the egg was done to my liking.

Can I just tell you that this was amazing?? No one else here would ever eat this, but you can be sure I will make it again, and again, and again! It was that good!

This is not the best pic. Taken with my phone on snapchat, but it gives you a little idea of what this recipe looks like. Try it!

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