Ningxia Red

Have you heard of Ningxia Red? Oh my, so much goodness!

Ningxia Red is a wellness drink from Young Living. It combines the wolfberry with essential oils and fruit juices to make an amazing, tangy drink full of antioxidants. Staying above the wellness line is important to me, so I love drinking a shot of Ningxia Red every morning, just an ounce or two. Sometimes I add a drop of one of the vitality essential oils to my Ningxia shot. So good!

The premium starter kit from Young Living comes with two packets of Ningxia Red. When I got my starter kit a few years ago, I was afraid to try the Ningxia, and the packets sat unopened for quite some time. I belong to several oily groups on Facebook, and I would see people post regularly about how much they loved the Ningxia Red. So, I got brave, lol, and tried mine. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste. I’m not sure what I was expecting it to taste like, but it was very good!

Now, I don’t like to run out of it. It’s that good! And it’s that good for me!

Message me at if you’d like more info about this amazing drink.

Are you ready to get started with Young Living? Click here!

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