The Fall Season

Fall officially arrives today. It certainly doesn’t feel like it here, though. As I’m writing this, it’s 85 degrees outside. It will remain in the mid to upper 80’s until sometime next week. I’m not complaining, though, I love hot, summery weather!

Summer is my favorite, but I like the fall season too. I love to see the leaves changing colors. I’m hoping we can take a drive or two this fall to get some really great photos of the fall colors. We can do more things during the week now, since Adam has an unconventional school schedule.

I would also like to make a run to Frankenmuth. I love it there! I’m sure there will be great photo ops there, but I love the chicken dinner at Zehnders. It’s worth the drive! But, I also love to go through all the shops and, of course, hit the outlets at Birch Run.

Of course, the fall season would not be complete without a trip to a cider mill. It’s fun, and yummy, to get the freshly made donuts and cider, and fresh-picked apples. Photo ops there, too! Yep, still love photography and I’m excited about more adventures with my camera this season.

Another thing I will be doing this season is getting ready for ski season. Yep, I’m gonna buy my own skis and boots this year so I don’t have to rent them. Adam is eager for the snow to fly so he can get back on his snowboard. Hoping for more trips to the slopes this winter.

The biggest thing I’m doing this fall is hosting a bridal shower for Sarah and Christopher! I’m so excited! There is a lot to do, but it’s fun because it’s such an exciting day! The wedding is fast approaching!

What are your plans for the fall season?

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