It’s So Good!

So, in case you didn’t know, Young Living offers so much more than just essential oils. They also offer every kind of product you could need around your house, including cleaning products, skin care, food products, and more. You should take a few minutes and scroll through the website at to see the range … More It’s So Good!

Time is flying!

I can’t believe that both bridal showers are done. Ours was two weeks ago, it was beautiful! A shower for Sarah’s family was yesterday. It, too, was beautiful and a lot of fun! Now, it’s time to get prepared for the wedding. It’s less than 90 days away and we are all very excited. Christopher … More Time is flying!

He’s growing!

A quick update on Zeus. He’s growing! Fast! I know he is still a puppy at 5 1/2 months, but, he is big!! Adam pointed out last night that Zeus is just a bit taller than Zeke. Already! It amazes me how fast he has grown! I don’t know how much he weighs right now, … More He’s growing!

New Stuff

This past Saturday, Young Living released some great new products. I’m not talking about the Holiday catalog that I showed you yesterday. I’m talking about additions to the new Savvy Minerals makeup line. The much anticipated mascara is available. I ordered this on Saturday and can’t wait to get it! You can now buy the … More New Stuff

Isn’t this cute?

I like to put something decorative in the corner of our kitchen countertop. What sits there is usually something related to a holiday or the current season. Recently, I found a mini pedestal on the website for a local store. I didn’t order it because I knew I would be in the store in a … More Isn’t this cute?

Squeaky Hinge

So, the bottom hinge on our bathroom door started squeaking. It was pretty annoying so I knew I needed to do something to make it stop. Having a puppy in the house, even if he doesn’t really look like a puppy anymore, means being super careful about what I use in/on places he can reach … More Squeaky Hinge