New Stuff

This past Saturday, Young Living released some great new products. I’m not talking about the Holiday catalog that I showed you yesterday. I’m talking about additions to the new Savvy Minerals makeup line.

The much anticipated mascara is available. I ordered this on Saturday and can’t wait to get it!

You can now buy the new makeup brushes individually, instead of just in a set.

A new shade of Savvy Mineral eye shadow. It’s so pretty!

Two new shades of the Savvy Minerals lip gloss. I got the lip gloss over the summer when it was introduced. I got the color Abundant. I love it! It’s not sticky, it lasts and there is no yucky stuff in it! I want to try these new shades as well.

And, a new shade of lipstick.  Such a pretty shade!

So far, I only have the lip gloss. The mascara is on the way. I’m trying to use up the makeup I have before buying more. But, I will for sure make the transition so that all my makeup is from the Savvy Minerals line from Young Living.

If you have questions about any of these new products, please email me at

Ready to get started with Young Living? Click here!

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