I’m Ready

So, I did it! I bought some skis. After renting skis and boots last season, I decided to buy my own this year. It’s pricey to ski if you have to rent skis and boots on top of paying for the lift ticket.

I went with a used pair of skis. I figure until I get a whole lot better (and braver) used will work for me for now. I got new poles to go with them.

And then I also got new ski boots. Renting ski boots kind of grosses me out! lol So I splurged just a bit and got new boots. The skis have been adjusted to fit me and my boots, and Adam helped me wax them, so I’m good to go. Now, when we get to the slopes, I can get ready at the car like Adam does with his snowboard gear. We only have to pay for lift tickets now.

It snowed here today, just a dusting. But, it was pretty. And, it’s cold. So, the ski resorts are open. A little more snow coming on Saturday.

Our first trip to slopes this season will hopefully happen next week.

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