First trip of the season!

Adam and I made our first trip of the season to the slopes. We went to Mt. Holly yesterday. We had gotten a few inches of snow the day before, and a lot of schools were closed yesterday. But, it was bitterly cold and we hoped that the super cold temps would keep people away.

It wasn’t super busy when we got there. We were on the slopes before noon, I think that helped. As the day wore on, more and more people, mostly kids, were showing up.

We had a good time. We stayed out for over an hour before we decided to go in and get some lunch. It was good to sit for a bit while we enjoyed lunch.

After we headed back out, we stayed on the same hill the rest of the day. I am most comfortable on this hill. Adam tried to get me to go over to the next hill, a little more advanced,  but, I wasn’t ready. He worked on his skills, and I worked on just feeling more confident and in control, lol.

We skied/snowboarded for a few more hours and then decided to head for home. We were both tired and his stomach was bothering him. But it was a good day!

My left knee (the back of it) was really feeling sore and tight after we got back home. I rubbed some Deep Relief on it and it really helped. The cooling sensation felt great. Been using it today as well, and it really does give deep relief!

It was a great first trip and we can’t wait to get back on the slopes!

If you would like more info about Deep Relief or Young Living, please message me at

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