Perfect Day

Wedding day has come and gone. That’s right, Christopher and Sarah got married on Saturday. It was a perfect day, a perfect weekend really.

The weekend started on Friday getting the hall set up and decorated. Sarah and her mom had a vision, and we made it come to fruition. It was absolutely magical! Here are just a few shots of the beauty.

After we finished getting the hall ready, it was off to the hotel to get ready for rehearsal and dinner. Rehearsal went great, it was fun and everyone learned what they needed to do the next day. Once we were done at church, it was off to dinner. Dinner was at a local restaurant and the food was amazing! It was fun having down time to just enjoy a great meal and chat with everyone. We lingered for a bit, enjoying the company, and then we headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Wedding day dawned with beautiful sunshine. It was a pleasant day, not super cold. We enjoyed breakfast, and then the preparations began. My hairdresser came to our hotel to do my hair. Tim, Adam and I got ourselves ready (Christopher had spent the night with his groomsmen), and we headed out for the short drive to the church.

After arriving at church, we went downstairs where the guys were hanging out. They were all super relaxed and enjoying playing cards. I headed back upstairs when the guys decided it was time to get their tuxes on.

I waited long enough for them to all be in their tuxes, then headed back downstairs. I got a little choked up seeing Christopher in his tux. This is my firstborn, about to marry the girl of his dreams! The photographer had arrived and was taking a few photos, and wedding time was getting closer.

I went back up to get a peek at the bride. Oh my! She took my breath away! Sarah is so beautiful, but seeing her in that beautiful wedding gown got me choked up again! I gave her a hug and left so the photographer could get photos of the ladies.

Guests started arriving, and my nerves kicked in. Good thing I had slathered myself with Frankincense oil. It was helping keep me centered.

Finally, it was time. Adam escorted me to my seat, with Tim following.  They both looked so handsome in their tuxes. All the guys did! Soon, the bridal party was in place and it was time to watch the bride being escorted down the aisle by her dad.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Perfect, really! Pictures followed, and then it was time to party. We took our cars back to the hotel and rode the shuttle to the hall. The bridal party would arrive in their limo.

The reception was so much fun! The food was so delicious and the cake was beautiful and so yummy! There was a lot of dancing, a lot of photos and a whole lot of fun. Truly a perfect day/night. We stayed until the end, and then headed back to the hotel on the shuttle.

After breakfast the next day, we headed back to the hall to clean up. It went fast, a lot faster than set up. We loaded up all the vehicles and headed over to Sarah’s parents house. We helped unload and then Christopher and Sarah opened their gifts. They got so many nice things.

I knew it would go fast. Things like this always do. You spend months planning and prepping and then it’s over in a flash. But, my goal was to be “in the moment” for the whole weekend, and enjoy all of it. I did! Best weekend ever! Best wedding ever!

Congratulations Christopher and Sarah! I love you both so much and I am excited for your “happily ever after”!!

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