Oh Zeus!

Zeus! Our 9 month old German Shepherd. He’s a handful, stubborn and strong willed.

Zeus had another private consultation with the trainer about 2 weeks ago. We were given more good tips about specific things we could be doing with him. Adam and I started implementing these new tips every day. Zeus really stepped up, and he started to answer commands more quickly.

Last week, he had another day train session. He spent the day with the trainer and, Ryan, the trainer, could see progress!! Hooray!! He suggested we bring him back to group class on the weekend. Adam and I were both apprehensive about Zeus and group class. The first group class Zeus went to did not go so well. We had to stay off to the side of the group with him. So, the idea of group class was not inviting, lol.

Group class is on Saturday mornings. We arrived, and got Zeus out of the car. Of course, he started barking immediately at other people/dogs in the parking lot, but we were able to control him. Group class went so well!! Zeus did everything he was supposed to do, and we had no trouble controlling him or getting him to listen to commands. This is huge! A huge step in the right direction!

He goes back in a few days for another day train session. This time, they will take him out in public. That should be interesting! And then, Saturday will be another group session. He has two more group classes that are paid for. I would kind of like to keep going to the group classes after our paid ones are done. And I’d like both Zeus and Zeke to go. I think it would be great for both of them to continue. But, we’ll see how much that costs.

For now, we are happy with how Zeus is finally making progress. Zeke has needed some work as well, as we have been lax with him, always considering him the “good” one, lol. But, after such intense work with Zeus, it became clear we needed to reinforce commands with Zeke as well. So, we’ve stepped up efforts with Zeke, and he’s doing well.

Now, if only we could do something about all that German Shepherd hair all over the house!!

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