My Gateway Oil

I am the first to admit that I was a skeptic! I did not know a thing about essential oils. I was sure they didn’t do anything beyond smell nice. And the idea that they could support my body systems in any way was, well, I thought that was ridiculous.  🙄 So when someone I love invited me to an oil party, I decided to go. I wasn’t going to buy anything, I knew oils weren’t for me. But, I would go and support my family member at this party.

At this party, the oils in the starter kit were passed around so we could smell them, one at a time. While they were passed around, the oily educator talked about each oil, and ways to use it. I have to tell you, I was amazed that they could be used for so many things!  When the peppermint oil was passed to me, I put the bottle to my nose to smell it, and, oh my, it was like my senses had been asleep and suddenly came alive! Like a little burst of energy, is the best way to describe how that sniff of peppermint made me feel. I was intrigued! I listened to the rest of the presentation, asked some questions, smelled the oils again. And, do you know, I bought my starter kit that day! 😊

Once my kit arrived, I was determined to use them. I got added to some oily fb groups, where I could ask questions and get tips, tricks and advice. There are literally hundreds of uses for these oils. Like, peppermint oil on those days you feel like someone is hammering your head. Or lavender in the diffuser to support restful sleep. Or thieves on my feet and/or in the diffuser to support my immune system. Or panaway on my muscles after a tough workout.💪 Or digize on my tummy when I’ve eaten too much Mexican food. 🌮 I use oils every single day! The skeptic became a believer, and now I support my body systems every day with essential oils!

I also began to fall in love with other products from Young Living. They have amazing skin care products, oral care products like toothpaste and floss, vitamins, supplements, food products, baby products and even makeup! All toxin-free! I can’t share with you here every product I use because this post would never end. But, I can share a few of my favorites: Orange Blossom Face Wash is great, makes my face feel amazing, and, since you only need a very small amount, it lasts a long time. Sheerlume Brightening Cream. I can confidently leave the house with no makeup if I want to when I use this. I slather my body with Lavender Hand and Body Lotion every night before bed. I love the Seedlings Baby Wipes as makeup removers and have used them as dryer sheets. And have I mentioned that I love the Einkorn Granola?? And Ningxia Red? Oh my, I don’t go a day without Ningxia, especially this time of year!

Do I know everything there is to know about Young Living and all their products? Of course not! But I’m learning as I go. I would love to help you learn! Do you have questions about Young Living? Or about essential oils? Message me and I’ll share with you what I know.

I love Young Living, their promise of quality with their Seed to Seal program, and, of course, their oils and products!

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Message me at to learn more about this amazing company and their products and how they are changing my life!

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