We survived a public outing!

So, as you know, Zeus is still in training. He is doing so great, we are so proud of him! We still work with Zeke at home, but he is done, for now, with the trainers.

Zeus went for another day train on Friday. A shorter one this time, but he went on a field trip. He went to a local store with the trainer. He did so great there, walking right with Ryan (the trainer) and not barking or pulling on the leash. Ryan showed us video of him at this store.

When they were done at the first store, they headed to our local Lowes store, where we would meet them. After Ryan and Zeus had been in the store for about 5 minutes, Adam and I headed in. Our job was to just watch, at first, without letting Zeus see/hear us. This was so that we could see how he was doing. We covertly followed them throughout the store. At one point, Ryan called my phone to tell me that he was sure Zeus had either heard our voices or caught my scent because he started getting worked up. So Adam and I worked harder at staying out of sight.

Eventually, Ryan called and said we could approach them. As soon as Zeus saw us, he started getting worked up. Once he was settled again, it was our turn to walk Zeus through the store. This had made me very anxious, but I had applied my Valor essential oil before I left the house, and by the time it was my turn to take the leash, I was feeling pretty calm.

It really was not so bad walking him through the store. He behaved so well, walking right next me, sitting when I asked him to. The people didn’t seem to bother him too much. At one point, we encountered a couple who had their dog with them. Zeus handled it like a pro, eyeing up the dog, but not reacting. When we walked past the service counter, the lady working behind the counter offered Zeus a treat. Adam took a turn walking him around the store, and Zeus continued to amaze us!

All in all, this was a great experience! I’m not sure that Zeke could handle it, at least not as well as Zeus did.

Zeus had group class again yesterday, and just like his field trip the day before, it went very well. He has one group class left, but we may look into continuing. It’s so good for them!

Our stubborn little Zeus, who is not so little anymore, is growing up and learning how to behave.

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