Have you ever considered it?

I’d love to walk this Young Living Journey with you! Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Do you know about the Young Living opportunity? Have you ever considered it?

When I started my journey with Young Living 3 years ago, I swore up and down that I wanted nothing to do with the business. Yes, I love the oils and the products and how they have changed my life. But, to actually work the business, nope!

Of course that changed! lol Once you start seeing how these oils work, as well as the other amazing products, you can’t help but share about it. And when, out of the blue, someone bought a kit from me, well, I was surprised that I had earned an accidental paycheck. But, I was also intrigued.

So, I very slowly started to look into it. The business, that is. I did not go all in, and the status of my business showed that. I put it aside for a while. Kept using all the products, just put the business on hold.

Then, after receiving a very clear sign from above that I should be pursuing the Young Living opportunity, I jumped back in. I am building relationships and planting seeds and making this work.

Are you curious about the opportunity Young Living offers? Take a look at this video:


Here is a copy of the Young Living Income Disclosure Statement:


So, what do you think? Do you have more questions? I’d love to answer them for you.  Shoot me an email at simpsonjannita@gmail.com

Ready to get started with Young Living? Click here!

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