A Little 101 For You

Here is a quick and easy essential oils 101 class for you.

 Safety & Disclaimer

I’m not a doctor. I have no medical background and essential oil use should NOT replace regular medical attention. The things I’m sharing are from personal experience with Young Living essential oils ONLY. I cannot speak for other brands. Young Living’s sourcing process is unmatched, and that’s why I chose this brand. Young Living essential oils are potent and should be used hand-in-hand with research and education about essential oils. They should also typically be used with a carrier oil when applying directly to the skin (coconut oil, almond oil, etc.) There are certain oils that are regarded as safe for ingestion as per the FDA. Those oils are marked with a white vitality label. Otherwise, oils can be diffused or applied topically. Here’s an intro on the ones that had me at hello when I began my wellness journey.



-Calming for the skin and mind

-Swiss army knife of oils

-Diffuse while you snooze!

-put a drop in your mascara!

-Diffuse to create a relaxing environment

Lemon Vitality

-Uplifting; aids in mental clarity

-Stain & sticky remover

-Helps regulate digestion & creates a natural detox process

-I drink a drop in my water daily

-Sunshine in a bottle


-supports aging skin

-grounding and centering for the mind

-one drop in daily face moisturizer

-one drop on the pages of your bible or favorite book when reading

Peppermint Vitality

-soothes occasional head tension

-energizing during the midday slump

-digestive support

-try inhaling when you’re

behind the wheel or in the passenger seat with a wild driver

Thieves Vitality

-immune support & boost! Drink a drop in hot water with lemon & honey.

-promotes oral health

-warrior in a bottle

Digize Vitality

-digestive support

-calming and soothing when applied to tummy

-promotes healthy elimination

-super helpful to have on-hand after indulging in eating & drinking

Copaiba Vitality

-enhancer oil & “wingman” to other oils

-soothes sore muscles & joints

-promotes healthy skin


-helpful when your body is stiff or tight

-supports you when you’re experiencing occasional head tension

-awesome after a workout

Stress Away

-promotes peace & tranquility

-nurtures healthy rest

-All day, erry day, roll your whole entire life with Stress Away…yep.

-mix with Epsom salts and enjoy a bath to unwind


Smells and feels amaaazzzzinnngggg in a throat and chest rub and makes me want to breathe in deeply.

Citrus Fresh

Neutralizes bad orders; makes a yummy linen spray and freshens laundry.

Ningxia Red

-fruit & veggie puree

-amazing energy boost & antioxidant supplement

-tastes SO good! We add to smoothies or drink straight.

-immune support

Bonus – My Favorite Young Living Things

-Savvy Minerals Makeup Line—a natural line of makeup that is incredibly luxurious and most importantly, chemical free!

-Thieves Cleaning Products—all natural cleaning and household products that beats bleach but doesn’t leave behind any scary chemicals to inhale or ingest.

-Valor—amazing oil for emotional balance and courage, my super hero cape in a bottle.

Getting Started & Resources

Me!!!! You won’t be left alone trying to figure out how to use your plant sauce. I will help you! I will point you in the right direction for resources & research. I’ll add you to our Facebook education group that includes support, classes, videos, giveaways and more. I will recommend certain books, podcasts, and websites. I’ll share how I got started on my journey, why we got started and how it changed our lives and then you’ll be off to the races with your own wellness journey.

Thanks for spending time investing in some healthy learning and I’m here to help you when you’re ready!

Ready to get started with Young Living? Click here!

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