It Still Hurts

So, I hurt my arm. Yep, I fell in the backyard 2 weeks ago and really messed up my left arm.

There was an incident in the backyard with Zeke and Zeus and the little dog that lives behind us, who managed to get under the fence and into our yard. While running with Zeke (Adam had Zeus) to get him in the house and away from the little dog, I lost my footing and fell. I’m not sure if I fell directly on my arm, or if my arm got pulled as I fell and Zeke kept running. Either way, it hurt like a son of a gun!

I was hurting pretty bad that evening and by morning, I was sure I had broken something. So, I called my doc to see if I could get in. They told me to come right over. He sent me for x-rays. Thankfully, nothing was broken.

My doctor thinks it’s possible that I may have torn my rotator cuff. He can’t send me for an MRI to determine if that’s the case until I’ve been hurting for a month. It’s been two weeks today. I still do not have full range of motion in my arm, it hurts quite a bit when I move it certain ways. And, it just aches most of the time. Two more weeks puts us at the day after Easter, and, my doctor’s office will be closed all that week. I really hope that it’s just a really bad bruise inside that’s gonna take some time to heal. Time will tell.

I’ve been using a few different essential oils/products to help ease my discomfort. I like panaway essential oil,  topped with copaiba essential oil. I also like the Deep Relief roll on. And the Cool Azul pain cream has been great!

Doing simple tasks around the house has been a bit challenging. But, the hardest thing is my workouts. I can’t do all the movements in my workouts with my left arm and that is frustrating! But, I will keep at it and modify because not working out is not an option. Gotta stay healthy!

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