Yesterday, was an absolutely beautiful day here. Sunny, with temps in the low 70’s. It was very windy, but still a gorgeous day!

Even though we had a beautiful day yesterday, it’s not as nice today, the weekend is gonna be yucky, and the nice days have been few and far between this spring season. Winter is trying hard to hang on.

I usually get motivated to do some projects in the house or in the yard this time of year. I took the time, a few weeks ago, to spring clean the bathroom. I washed the walls, the cabinets, really everything, with Thieves Household cleaner. Oh my, so clean and fresh afterward. I got a new shower curtain to change things up a bit, and it gives the bathroom a whole new look.

The bathroom is probably the only room that will get that much detailed attention. I will, at some point, clean all the windows and screens.

The front and back yards need some work. I like to rake them both in the early spring. I’ll probably get Adam to help me with the raking, since I’m still dealing with shoulder pain. I also like to clean up the rock gardens and flower beds.

Once the weather warms up, I also like to give my car an overhaul, wipe down the inside, and vacuum.  I may use the Seedlings Baby Wipes to wipe down the inside. They smell amazing! And I will give the outside a good cleaning.

Do you do anything to get yourself ready for spring? I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, a shorter style. It’s a refreshing change. I also enjoy picking up a few new pieces of clothing for the spring/summer.

I have been using Rose Ointment from Young Living to get my feet ready for sandal season. I slather it on my feet in the morning before I put my socks on, and let it do it’s thing all day.

When the warm weather is finally here to stay, I will be ready!

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