More Makeup!

If you read my last post, with the link about absorbing toxic chemicals from your makeup, then this post will make you smile.

The Savvy Minerals Makeup line from Young Living is growing. New shades of blush, eyeshadow, lipgloss and lipstick. There is also a Lip Scrub coming in May.

Savvy Minerals is formulated with clean ingredients, no chemicals, and no fillers. No worries about what toxic stuff your skin is absorbing when you use Savvy Minerals.

These new products are available starting tomorrow, Monday, April 16, 2018 at 10am MT.

Check out the Savvy Minerals catalog here:

Savvy Minerals Makeup Catalog

There is even a Savvy Minerals premium starter kit, which I’ve shared with you in a previous post. Start your Young Living journey with clean makeup!

Feel free to message me at if you would like more info.

Ready to get started with Young Living? Click here!

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