The Garage

So, it happened. Our garage project has finally started!

2 years ago, after getting estimates for a new garage and not liking any of those numbers, we ended up with a brand new kitchen. 😂 How does that happen? Too many trips to Lowes! lol

So now, it’s time to actually get a new garage. We called the contractor that did our kitchen and he gave us a great price. So, we got the ball rolling. We waited for weeks to get a response from the township. First, they denied our project. So, our contractor went back, we adjusted the size of our plans a bit, and the township finally gave their approval.

We rented a storage pod from someone local, and Adam and I spent an entire day, in the rain, emptying the garage, moving stuff into the storage pod and making a trash pile.

On Wednesday, the contractor and his crew arrived to demolish our old garage. The old garage was an attached, very small, one car garage. There was truly no room to move in there. It took the crew about 5 1/2 hours to get the garage completely down and cleaned up. They even hauled away all of our trash!

I was worried about how the dogs would handle all the noise of demolition, as well as a crew of strangers outside of the open windows. I put a drop of lavender essential oil in my palm, rubbed my hands together and and rubbed my hands down each of their backs and behind their ears. They were both able to relax and even nap a bit.

It looks so different now, without the garage there! But, the new garage will be so much nicer! Our side door was in front of the garage, and we have no back door. So, we have had to go out the side door and to the backyard gate to take the dogs out. Our new garage will sit up farther on the house so that the side door will be in the garage. That will be a treat!

Once the demolition was done, we had to wait for the utility companies to come and mark where the lines are underground in the yard. That’s done, so we are hoping that excavation will start on Monday, or sometime during the week.

I know the weather will affect this job, but I’m hoping it goes smoothly and doesn’t take forever.

Stay tuned.


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