He needs this!

Zeus has been doing such a great job at group class. He’s perfectly comfortable around the other dogs and owners during class. Since the weather has been warmer, on class days when it’s not raining, we go to a local park for class. He does so well! We even take them on a walk through town during class.

I’ve been wanting to start taking Zeke to group class again. It’s so good for them, constant exposure to other people, other dogs, and other surroundings and distractions. I wanted Zeke to benefit from that too. He went through the private classes with Zeus last fall, and went through 4 group classes. So this is not new to him. But, it’s been a long time and he needs it.

Last night was his first time back in class. Class was actually inside at the training facility because of rain. He did very well. He was a little uncomfortable, shaking, even, at first. But, he warmed up, and survived his return to group class.

We were a little worried about how Zeus would handle the distraction of having Zeke there. But, he did great!

Class is offered twice a week, and we intend to go as often as we can.

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