No Surgery

So, I had the MRI done and waited almost a week to get the results. I knew when I answered the phone and heard the the voice of the doctor, instead of the nurse, that it probably was not good news.

He was concerned about the fact that the MRI showed that I do, in fact, have a closed, non-displaced fracture of my humerus. Not sure why that didn’t show up on the x-rays back in March. Regardless, he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation.

I saw the surgeon a couple of days ago. They did more x-rays and then went over the MRI with me. He doesn’t want to do surgery (whew, so relieved). He gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder. It hurt when the needle actually got into my shoulder, it hurt a lot, actually. He was using the ultrasound while giving the shot in order to make sure the shot was going where he wanted it to. It was weird to see the needle in my shoulder. He also wants me to do physical therapy. I start that later next week.

Later on that day, after the shot, the pain in my shoulder got so much worse. Movement in certain ways, that had been hurting since injury day, was much more painful. This is normal, I was told. And by the next morning, that was gone.

I see the surgeon again in mid June, and I’m hoping that things are a lot better.

I’m relieved to not be having surgery. We are hosting a grad party for Adam in a few weeks, and I was worried about how I would get all the work for that done with my arm in a sling.


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