Those Pesky Bugs

We had a really great Memorial Day weekend here. We didn’t travel anywhere, can’t do that with the garage project happening. So, we stayed in town, but had fun anyway.

We uncovered the pool, and decided it’s just too rusty to continue using it. So, we bought a new pool, it will be in at the store in about two weeks. Once it’s in, we can pick it up and have it installed.

We started draining the old one, it’s still not empty. We have a small pump that we use and it takes a while to get that much water out. There is still about a foot and a half of water to finish. Once it’s empty, Adam and I will take it apart. Being able to swim in the hot temps this weekend would have been nice, but a new pool will be awesome!

I don’t know about your yard, but the mosquitoes here have been pretty bad! I’m so very glad I had this insect repellent here this weekend. It’s from Young Living, of course, and it’s Deet free and 100% plant based. Those pesky bugs didn’t bother me at all when I had this on, and I spent a lot of time in the back yard!

We also attended a family birthday party yesterday. Today, we got some other things done around here, like getting the grass cut, while the pump continued to drain the pool. It’ll be empty tomorrow and then the disassembly can start.

Since we are gonna have a new pool, we probably should redo the deck too, right?


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