Do You Have One?

I recently went on the Environmental Working Group site. There’s a tab there where you can plug in your zip code and find out if your water contains any contaminants.

I was shocked to see that there are 8 contaminants detected that are above the health guidelines. Plus 11 other contaminants. This grosses me out! We use the tap water all day long, including for cooking. I drink water all day from the dispenser in the fridge. Yes, there is a filter in the fridge, and yes, we change it regularly. But, I’m sure it’s not filtering out everything that isn’t good for us.

So, I’ve been considering getting a Berkey water filter. I know a few people who have one, and they love them. I think it’s a great investment in our health!

We would probably get the Big Berkey along with a fluoride filter. I’m not sure where it would sit, as it would take up some counter space. I’ll have to figure that out. Maybe it could even sit in our new garage, it’s a possibility.

Do you have a Berkey? Do you love it?

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