What Are You Reading?

So, there are so many new releases in books that I’m excited to read! I am about to finish an older book by Elin Hilderbrand that I somehow haven’t read yet, Nantucket Nights. It’s so good! I’ll finish it today, and then it’s on to her newest book, The Perfect Couple. Elin writes books that take place on Nantucket. A trip to Nantucket is on my bucket list because of all of her books. I can’t wait to visit all the places she writes about!

I’m also excited to read All We Ever Wanted, by Emily Giffin. She’s another favorite. Have you read any of her books?

Barbara Delinsky is another favorite. She has a new book out called Before and Again. That will be on my “to read” list.

Between You and Me by Susan Wiggs is another one that is on my “to read” list.

I believe next month there is a new Susan Mallery book coming out, When We Found Home.

Also, the second edition of Gameplan by Sarah Harnisch. Gameplan is an awesome resource for my Young Living business.

So much reading to do! Once our new patio is done, that’s probably where you will find me this summer.  With a good book, of course!

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