Pool Days

Our pool days are over. Yep. No more pool at our house.

We had decided over Memorial Day weekend to replace the pool. Our above-ground pool was a rusty mess, with actual holes in the walls. So, Adam and I took it down.

We went shopping for a new pool and placed an order for the same size pool as we had just taken down. They told us it would take 2 weeks, possibly three, for the new pool to arrive at the store. We waited just over a month, and during that time, we had tried to contact people on the list of installers we were given from the store. People just don’t call you back! We did some serious re-thinking. We were gonna have to spend a considerable amount of money to re-do the electrical for the filter. And we had already run into a few extra things to pay for in our garage project. Plus, we looked at how much the pool would actually get used after spending so much extra money. The extra wait time for the pool to arrive, and not being able to find an installer, just kind of cemented the decision for us.

So, knowing that our receipt said “all sales final”, we called to cancel the pool anyway, and asked for a refund. Tim explained our reasons on the phone for cancelling, and told them he would stop in the next day to pick up our money. A few hours later, the manager called. I answered the phone. He asked me if I was aware that my husband had cancelled the pool. lol Yes, I was sitting in the same room when he made the call. The manager mentioned that Tim had said we were having trouble getting an installer to call back. Then he told me that he keeps a short list of names in his back pocket, and he could give me one of those names if we didn’t cancel our order. Well, that made me mad! How do you decide who gets names off this secret list?

I told him no, we were going ahead with cancelling the pool. He said that the store staff didn’t have the authority to write a check for us, and that they didn’t have that much cash to give our refund in cash. So, he told me that the owner would bring a check down to that store the next time he came down. I asked if the owner could just put the check in the mail for us, and the manager assured me he would tell the owner.

When a week had gone by, and we still had not received a check, we stopped in at the store to see if it was there. The lady working behind the counter asked if she could help us, and we told here why we were there. I told her that the manager had told me on the phone that the owner would issue a refund and we had not received it yet, and we were wondering if the check was at the store. She went back to get the manager, and, after a couple of minutes, they both came back out to the counter. She told me that “no one told you on the phone that the owner would issue a refund”. What??!!?? I asked her if she was calling me a liar, and she said yes!!!!!!! I guess I pulled that phone conversation with the manager out of my butt! She said they had just talked to the owner and he would put our check in the mail. So glad to not have to deal with those people again! Our check arrived in the mail a few days later.

Adam and I took the deck down. It was a huge job that we tackled on some of the hottest, most humid days this summer. It looks pretty different in the backyard now. We still have all the stones that were around the pool and under the deck to get moved. They will go along the sidewalk alongside the garage, but not until all the cement work is done.

I will miss having the pool, I loved being out there on hot summer days! But, I’m actually looking forward to not having to maintain it, and not having high electric bills in the summer, and everything else that goes along with having a pool. It will mean more room for the dogs to play. It will mean less of an obstacle course when cutting the grass. It’s gonna be nice, actually!

So, yes, our pool days are over. But, it”s ok. There are plenty of places we can go to swim if we want.


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