Every Little Bit Helps

A few weeks ago, I started implementing some changes here at home. It became apparent that we were generating a large amount of trash for just 3 people. Our garbage bin that goes out to the street every week would be full or almost overflowing. And the recycle bin that goes out every other week would be not even full. Clearly we were doing something wrong.

So, we have started being more aware of what we put in the trash. If it can be recycled, it gets recycled. I stopped buying paper plates. We still have some, but using them has been cut way back. We use regular plates instead.

I came across a company that makes reusable sponges and paper towels and napkins, etc. Nature’s Reusables is the name, and I placed an order to check out some of their things. I ordered 2 packs of Unsponges and one roll of Unpaper Towels.

I love the Unsponges! They are replacing sponges that I’ve been buying for washing dishes. When they get dirty, you simply throw them in the wash. We still have some paper towels left to use up, so the Unpaper Towels have not been put to use yet. But they will, soon! They are awesome as well. They are the size of regular paper towels, but made of cotton and bamboo material. They snap together and roll up so you can put them on your paper towel holder. I can’t wait to start using them!

Check out Nature’s Reusables Here

These are just some small steps we are taking to help reduce the amount of trash we generate. Do you use paper towels, and throwaway sponges?


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