Say What???

Today, Young Living made a huge announcement! We’ve been waiting patiently since they announced they were gonna make an announcement.

This is huge!

Young Living unveiled their new YL Go program. What is it, you ask? It’s a free shipping program! What?? That’s right! It’s like “prime” for Young Living!

YL members who are on Essential Rewards can now sign up for YL Go. There are two options for you to pick from.

For $59 a year, get 12 ER shipping credits plus one bonus credit, for 13 months of hassle free shipping. Get 12 ER shipping credits each year after. You get priority order processing and a  $10 flat rate for overnight shipping.


For $129 a year, get shipping credits for 12 ER orders, plus 24 flex credits that can be used on Quick Order shipments during the first 12 months. You’ll have the flexibility of choosing Essential Rewards orders or Quick Orders. You’ll get priority processing and a $10 flat rate for overnight shipping. Discounted standard shipping on orders once all shipping credits have been used.

I love this!!

I shop on Amazon all the time, and, of course, I have Amazon Prime.  Now, I have this same option with Young Living! Just one more, of so many reasons to love Young Living.

Check out the Young Living announcement here.

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