Workout Buddy

Do you have a workout buddy? A friend or family member who joins you in your workout?

My workout buddy is Zeus, our german shepherd. He likes to come downstairs with me in the morning while I get my workout in. He pretty much just sleeps the entire time, but he’s down there with me. So, I guess he’s being supportive. 😂

Our other dog, Zeke, couldn’t care less. He rarely comes downstairs during workout time.

I’ve been following the Fall Firm Up Trainers Challenge with Get Healthy U TV. Following a calendar helps keep me more consistent and forces me to choose more challenging workouts. 3 more days and I will have this calendar complete! Chris Freytag and the GHUTV Squad are amazing! If you want to workout from home, have a huge variety of workouts at your disposal, and a squad of motivating and supporting people, then GHUTV is for you! I love it!

Did you get your workout in today? Who is your workout buddy?


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