Fall is upon us, and, while most of the trees here are still green, I have spotted a few trees that are changing color already.

Fall is such a pretty time of year! I love the colorful leaves, the pumpkins, and, yes, even the cooler temps. I am for sure a summer lover, but, I also enjoy the beginning of fall when the temps cool off just a bit.

It’s also a good time of year if you love to get out with your camera. Even a quick trip to a local place where fall beauty is showing is fun. Adam and I made a quick trip to a local place a few days ago. I wanted to go specifically for nature shots, and I wasn’t disappointed. Nature shots are my favorite. Here is a shot of some fall color I found that day:

I love the bright fall colors against the blue sky!

I definitely want to get out more with my camera this season. We have lots going on, especially during this month of October, but, I’m gonna do my best to make time for photography.

Make time to do the things you love!

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