The Holidays Are Coming

Even though it’s only October, I’m super excited for the holidays this year! I’ve made a good sized dent in my Christmas shopping already, and I’m excited to do the rest. I’ve picked up some things that I know the recipients are going to love, and, for me, that’s the best part of Christmas.

Yes, I know, we still need to get through Halloween. I love Halloween, but, it’s not as fun for me as it used to be when my boys were young. However, I love seeing neighborhood kids come to the door in their costumes.

And, there’s also Thanksgiving. I love this holiday! I love that we are all together and the amazing food that goes with Thanksgiving! I love stuffing, or dressing as some people call it. I could make a meal out of just stuffing and mashed potatoes! I’ve always had the jellied cranberry sauce out of a can, and, I love it. But, last year, I made homemade cranberry sauce and it was amazing! And, let’s not forget about the black olives! Oh, and, of course, pie! I make pumpkin pie and cherry cheese pie for Thanksgiving. Yummo! I can’t wait!

We have always put our Christmas tree up on the day after Thanksgiving. Last year, I think we put it up on the weekend before the holiday. But this year, we may put it up at the beginning of November. I love having the tree up, love the lights, the ornaments with special meaning, all of it.

So much to look forward to!

Are you excited for the holidays?

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