I Love My Chemex Coffee Maker!

For quite some time now, I have wanted a pour-over coffee maker. We had a regular drip coffee maker for years and years. Then, 2 years ago, during our kitchen renovation, we switched to a Keurig. It was fast and easy to make coffee with the Keurig while our kitchen was being redone.

Don’t get me wrong, the Keurig is great. Easy and fast! But, using all those pods was not good for the environment. So, a while back, I switched to reusable pods. Just put the grounds in, close it up and put in in the Keurig. Easy peasy!

I don’t remember where I first saw a pour-over. It was quite a while ago. But, then someone I follow on Youtube, Peter McKinnon, would use footage of his pour-over coffee making process in his videos, and my fascination grew. I decided that I would, at some point, have a Chemex pour-over coffee maker.

That came true a few days ago! I ordered my Chemex coffee maker and filters from chemexcoffeemaker.com. I also needed a scale, a kettle and a coffee grinder. Those all came from Amazon. The grinder that arrived didn’t work, so I sent it back to Amazon. I bought a different grinder at Kohls.

I had already picked up some coffee beans at the grocery store. So, after replacing the defective grinder, I was ready to brew some coffee. Today was the day!

I was nervous about the process, having never done it before. But, I have watched countless videos about how to use the Chemex properly, so I just did it! The process doesn’t take more than a few minutes. This morning, it actually took longer for my water to boil, than it did for the actual brewing process. I used water from the fridge dispenser instead of the tap, so the water was cold to start with, and took a bit to boil.

It was kind of fun! Once it was done brewing, I poured a cup. While I enjoyed the first cup, I set the Chemex on the warming station on my stovetop. I had enough for two mugs of coffee. The coffee was so good, so much better than anything I’ve had from the Keurig! I thoroughly enjoyed both cups, and actually thought about making more! 😂 I didn’t though.

We will be investing in a Berkey water filter to ensure that the water we are drinking is completely clean. That will just enhance my pour-over coffee making experience. Hoping for a Black Friday sale, or maybe even a sale before then.

I can’t wait to make more coffee tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “I Love My Chemex Coffee Maker!

  1. Hey there! It makes my heart very happy to hear of people switching over to specialized coffee methods. Glad you have have been released from the ever-so-clenching grips of the K-Cups. Cheers!


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