Berkey Water Filter Love

We did it! We took advantage of a holiday sale and bought a Berkey water filter!

I have wanted a Berkey for quite some time. I drink water all day long, every day. Yes, we have a filter on the water dispenser in our fridge. But, I always wondered if it was filtering everything out.

I stalked the Berkey Filters website for a long time before signing up for their newsletter. When the Black Friday deals showed up in my email, we decided the time was right. We ordered the Big Berkey bundle. It arrived a few days later. The shipping box was damaged, and one of the Borux water bottles that came with our bundle was shattered as a result. Nothing else was damaged and Berkey Filters is sending a replacement bottle.

I was eager to get it set up, and quickly went about priming the black filters and the fluoride filters. At first the water was cloudy, which, upon reading the manual, meant I needed to re-prime the fluoride filters. I did that, and soon we had sparkling clear, clean water!!

It’s currently sitting on the counter next to the sink. Since taking this photo, I put the Berkey on the stand that came with our bundle. Still sitting here on the counter, but now on the stand.  I like it there, but, I’m not sure that will be it’s permanent home. It works there, for now.

It’s been a great investment so far! I drink water from it all day. I make my coffee with Berkey water. I cook with Berkey water. I love it!

Do you have a Berkey?

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