Serious Strength

My membership to GHUTV just renewed recently. It’s such a great investment in myself!

I have been a member for two years now. I am a Gold member, which means I have access to all the Gold live workouts, as well as the other workouts at the premium level. Most Mondays, a new workout is done “live”, and then it gets added to the Gold library. There are more than 150 workouts to choose from, with more added regularly. Everything from walking workouts, to HIIT workouts, to strength training, to cardio workouts, to yoga and pilates, to medicine ball and stability ball workouts, to kettlebells. The length of workouts varies as well. There are 45 minute workouts, 30 minutes, 20 minutes, and even some 10 minute ones. Amazing variety that offers something for everyone! And, you can do them anywhere!

There is also a private Facebook group for members. It’s an awesome group where you can find motivation and support and love. So happy to have this group!

When I first joined, I would pick and choose my workouts each day. And that worked well for me, except that I was keeping it easy on myself. I seemed to choose workouts that I thought were “easy”. GHUTV also has several calendars that you can follow. Once I started following a calendar, I really stepped up my game! Following the workouts that are on the calendars has made me do workouts that, before, I might not have chosen on my own.

The calendar I’m following this month is called Serious Strength. The Serious Strength workouts are new and just made available last month. I love them! These workouts go through moves with weights, but very slow reps. Slower reps really make me work harder, instead of flailing the weights to keep up with the tempo of music on other workouts with weights. It’s been very effective for me so far this month. I’m really enjoying it!

So happy I found Chris Freytag (founder of GHUTV), the other trainers

at GHUTV and the fb group!


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