Did you know you can now get Nature’s Ultra CBD Oil through your Young Living account?

Yep! Nature’s Ultra is now a part of the Young Living family! CBD products, with 0% THC,  infused with Young Living essential oils and backed by the Seed to Seal promise of every YL product. How cool is that?

You can get a Calm Roll-On, and a Joint and Muscle Balm. There are also drops that you can get in three different blends: Cool mint, Cinnamon, and Citrus. There’s are even drops for pets!

This is such an amazing addition to Young Living! There are so many testimonies about the benefits of CBD oil. I think I will start with the Joint and Muscle Balm. And maybe the Calm Roll-On as well.

If you are already a member of Young Living, you need to link your account to Nature’s Ultra, which takes just seconds to do. If you are not a member, but would love to hop on this train, just give a holler!

Ready to get started with Young Living? Click here!


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