Minimalism. I’m beginning to embrace the idea of minimalism. Living with less.

We have a small house, so the idea of having less “things” appeals to me. More things means more stuff to find a place for and more stuff to clean around.

I guess this really kicked in for me when we overhauled the basement. We threw a lot of stuff away, and donated some other things. So many things we came across had me questioning why in the world did we still have it. I could probably go back down there now and still get rid of more.

The same thing happened when we had the new garage built. Again, we either pitched or donated a whole lot of stuff. We’ve done pretty well with keeping only what we need/use out there. Although, honestly, I’m sure if we really went through things again, we could find more to get rid of.

I came across a channel on YouTube called The Minimal Mom. I love her videos! Her and her family have simplified their lives by having less stuff. It’s so inspiring to me! So, now, I’m on a mission. I have several bags of stuff to donate that have been sitting in the basement, waiting to be taken to Good Will. I just haven’t gotten them there yet. But, knowing they are still down there, I’ve gone through my closets and drawers several times and added to the bags. I’ve gone through the kitchen cabinets and other closets in the house. I really need to get those bags out of the basement, but, before I do, I’m gonna make a point to go through the whole house again. I know there are more things that can go. I’ve also decided that some of those things I could try to sell on FB marketplace. So, I will do that with some things. Then, if they don’t sell, I can donate them.

I’ve also adopted a new way of doing things when I buy an article of clothing for myself. If I want something new, I have to get rid of something. That way, my closet and drawers are not full of things I’m not wearing or don’t like anymore. Only the pieces I really like get to stay.

Is it weird that I also like to watch thrifting videos? I mean, some people find some really great things at thrift stores for a fraction of the price. Finding vintage things and reselling them seems like a good way to make some extra cash. I love vintage things!

Buying/having less things means spending less money. And that’s always a good thing!



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