Looking For Coffee

I’m looking for coffee!

What I mean, is, I’m looking to try new coffees. I try to buy different brands and flavors at the grocery store. Most times, I buy whole bean coffee and grind it myself. But, I also buy ground coffee sometimes.

I think it’s fun to try different kinds of coffee. I haven’t come across one that I just didn’t care for yet. But, I’m sure that time will come!

I’ve tried coffee from James Coffee Co. I really like their coffee! I’ve gotten coffee as a gift from Velodrome Coffee in Marquette, Mi. That was good too. I’ve also gotten fair trade coffee from a church shop as a gift. It was really good!

I usually go for a medium roast coffee, but I’m open to try others.

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee to start your day! I seem to enjoy it even more since I started using my Chemex coffee maker last year. I still love it, and I still love the whole process of brewing the coffee!

What kind of coffee do you enjoy most? I’m looking for suggestions!

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