I promised another post about GHUTV, so here we go!

Is your gym still closed? Is your gym open now but you are anxious about being there due to Covid 19?

I have been doing some sort of regular exercise for most of my adult life. It has varied for me through the years. I’ve done Jane Fonda aerobics. I’ve done TaeBo. I used to have a recumbent exercise bike and rode every day. I was a runner for a while until my knees couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve done a lot of different things!

3 1/2 years ago, I found GHUTV. It’s a streaming service founded by Chris Freytag. I found it through Facebook. I kept seeing ads for it and finally decided to jump in and see what it was all about. I’ve never had the desire to join a gym, so a new program that I could do at home sounded great.

There is a huge variety of workouts available at GHUTV. Cardio workouts, strength training workouts, kickboxing, walking, resistance band, step workouts, intervals, hiit workouts, bodyweight workouts, kettlebell, barre, dance workouts, yoga, pilates, mobility workouts, a program specifically for pregnant mamas, even a chair workout program. There are workouts that target specific parts of the body like lower body, upper body, core, etc. Workout length varies. Some are longer, like 45-50 minutes, some are 30 minutes, some are 20 and there are even some free 10 minute workouts. They’ve even added some meditations to the site to help during the crazy time we are living in. Seriously, if you don’t find something here that fits your workout interests, I’d be surprised!

There are two levels of membership. I was able to use a coupon code and get my first full year of gold membership for just $20! Twenty dollars for access to all the workouts, the number of which keeps increasing, for a full year. Amazing! The full price for a year of gold after your first year is $149. Even at full price this is an amazing deal considering the amount of workouts you have access to. Use the coupon code CHRISGOLD20 to get your first year of gold membership for twenty dollars.

A gold membership gives you access to all the workouts on the site. The premium level workouts, plus gold workouts that are filmed live in studio, usually once a week, and then get added to the gold library. The gold library is constantly growing.

A premium membership is $59 after your first year. This gives you access to all the premium programs. There are more than 20 premium programs with multiple workouts in each program. I believe new programs are added a couple of times a year. So this library grows as well. So much goodness to choose from! This link below should get you a premium membership for $3 for your first year.

Use this link to grab a premium membership for just $3 for your first year!

Of course, if you are not satisfied after your first year, just cancel before renewal.

There are workout calendars, lots of them, if you need a calendar to keep you on track. Lots of people find they are more consistent with a calendar to follow. The calendars have clickable links to the workouts which is super helpful. As a group, we usually follow a calendar each month, but lots of people just do their own thing each day. I’ve done both, followed a calendar at times, and picked my own workouts at times. It really is up to you and what you prefer.

With membership comes access to the private Facebook group for GHUTV. This group is full of motivation and support! If you are struggling for any reason, you simply need to read some of the posts in this group to help get yourself back on track. It’s a safe space. There are so many amazing friends in this group! I say frequently that the group is full of best friends I’ve never met but feel like I know very well!

Once a month, Chris Freytag goes live to do a Q&A session. These can be found on her business Facebook page as well as YouTube and on Instagram. Lots of great info in these live sessions. She really is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and fitness.

During this crazy time of Covid 19, the trainers at GHUTV have gone above and beyond to keep us motivated and moving! During quarantine, when Chris and the other trainers and the film crew could not be in studio, they started doing workouts from home and filming them for us to continue giving us new content. How awesome is that? Some of the workouts are only for members and are posted in the squad page on Facebook. One trainer has continued to post workouts regularly on her own Facebook page. But a lot of the quarantine workouts are on the business Facebook page, Chris Freytag Get Healthy U. Some are also posted on YouTube. Check them out. Give them a try. You can also go to the GHUTV website and check out the free 10 minute workouts. Quite a variety there to give you a feel for what the workouts are like.

So there you have it. Another post about GHUTV! Chris Freytag and the other GHUTV trainers have proven how dedicated they are to keeping us moving, even through the most difficult times. Check it out! Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!


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