A Cup Of Tea

I have been a coffee drinker for a lot of years now. I thoroughly enjoy my morning coffee. I used to really lighten it up with milk, and a whole lot of sugar. That was the only way I could drink it. Several years ago I started drinking my coffee black. I finally felt like I was really tasting the coffee instead of the sweet, lightened up concoction I had been drinking. I love to try different coffees, that’s been fun. Variety, you know? I usually stick to just two cups in the morning. One before my morning workout, and one after with breakfast.

Before I became a coffee drinker all those years ago, I was a tea drinker. I enjoyed a cup of hot tea, but I usually stuck with Lipton tea bags. Once I started drinking coffee, I pretty much gave up drinking hot tea. I do still drink iced tea sometimes, and I went through a long phase of drinking multiple bottles of cold green tea in a day during the warm weather months. I don’t do that anymore, way too much sugar in those bottles.

I recently started enjoying hot tea again. Someone I follow on YouTube did an unboxing of a tea Advent calendar from Steepologie. This YouTuber raves about this small company and their tea. I was intrigued. While I didn’t necessarily want the Advent calendar, I thought it was little pricey, I was interested enough to check out the Steepologie site.

Steepologie Teas is a tea company based in Seattle. They’ve been in business since 2016 and they offer more than 250 fresh loose leaf teas. I took some time to browse their site. For someone who had only been a Lipton tea drinker, the selection of teas here was just a bit overwhelming. I wanted to order a few teas to try, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted. I love that you can order a sample size. It’s perfect when you want to try several different teas instead of a big quantity of one kind.

I had never steeped loose leaf tea before, so this whole process was gonna be a learning experience for me. But first I had to choose some tea. By the way, the Advent calendar would be a perfect way to try a different tea each day in December. I’ve been watching the YouTuber I mentioned open her calendar and share what the tea is. It looks like fun! Maybe one of these years, I’ll splurge and get myself one.

Ok, back to choosing my tea. I decided to stick with sample sizes and I picked 4 to start with. After perusing all the choices multiple times, I decided to start with herbal teas. My choices were Organic Relaxation Tea, Tummy Tonic Tea, Elderberry and Friends Tea, and Organic ImmuniTea Tea. I also ordered a steep-in-mug infuser. I placed my order and was excited for it to arrive.

Of course I got an email from Steepologie confirming my order. But then the next day I got an email from the owners of the company, thanking me for my first order from them the day before and offering appreciation for supporting their small business. The email invited me to respond to it with feedback or just to say hi. So I did. I responded to the email, telling them how I found them and that I was excited to try the teas. And I got a response telling me that they also follow the YouTube channel where I had first heard of Steepologie and that they were big fans of that channel as well. I loved that!

A few days after I placed my order, I got the email saying my order had shipped. And a few days after that, my tea had arrived! I was excited! I made my first cup of herbal tea the next afternoon. I decided my venture back into tea drinking would be an afternoon thing. Or maybe evening for relaxation or sleep. I’ll stick with coffee in the morning. The first tea I tried was the Elderberry tea. Using the infuser was new to me, but I think I figured it out. I really enjoyed that first cup of tea! I love the taste of the Elderberry tea! The other three teas I ordered are just as great. I seriously love all of the teas I ordered!

I look forward to ordering more tea from Steepologie. I want to try so many of them! They even have bags of dried fruit slices that you can buy to add to your tea. I will be trying that as well! I am happy to be supporting this small company, especially now. If you are a tea drinker, I highly recommend Steepologie!


Steepologie has an awesome rewards program. Use this link to get $10 off your first order of $30 or more.


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