Working My Brain

I am always looking for ways to keep my brain sharp as I age. It’s important, I know, but I feel a bit of an urgency to keep my brain healthy since my dad suffered from dementia before he passed away. Dementia is a sad, unfair, horrible disease and I’m gonna do all I can to maybe avoid memory issues later on.

To that effect, I love anything that makes me think, especially puzzles. I love jigsaw puzzles and I frequently have one in progress on a table in the basement. The bigger the better. 1000 or 2000 pieces is a great challenge, but ones with less pieces are also a good challenge. I put a record on the turntable, or a cd in the player and jam out while working on the puzzle.

I also enjoy crossword puzzles. I’ve been doing the USA Today crossword puzzle online for a few years now. I also started doing the NYT mini crossword puzzle in the last year. Sudoku is another puzzle I do quite frequently. Really any kind of puzzle is something I’m willing to give a try.

Something that I’ve been doing almost every day recently is GeoGuessr. It’s an online geography game. Not a word game, I know, but it is a puzzle of sorts since you have to figure out where you are based on clues you find as you travel. My kids got me started and now I’m hooked.

Without a membership, you can play one game per day. A game consists of 5 rounds and in each round you move around in whichever country you have chosen and try to figure out where you are using Google Street View. There are different country maps to choose from. You get points for each round. The farther away your guess is from your spawn point, the less points you get. You can do a Battle Royale. You can do a country streak or a US states streak, where you see how many you can guess correctly in a row.

There is also a Daily Challenge that you can do without a membership. It’s five timed rounds, 3 minutes to guess for each round. I’m not so good at the Daily Challenge. In fact, I’m pretty terrible at it. Lol.

I have been known to just travel around on the map sometimes, just sightseeing. I was in Washington DC in the game one day, and before I pinpointed the spot where I had spawned, I went looking around town. I’ve never been there and it was kind of cool to see.

I made a free account on GeoGuessr so I could play one game per day as well as the Daily Challenge. I would stretch that one game out throughout the day so that whenever I sat down with my laptop, I could go back to it.

I received a one year membership as a birthday gift and now I can play as much as I want. No more stretching one game out for the whole day. I have even ventured out of the country, in the game, a few times. I seem to struggle with other countries since they are not as familiar to me. But it still keeps me thinking. My kids look for flags, languages on signs, which side of the road cars are driving on, even the vegetation. I’m not that good yet, but one day I will get there.

Check it out here:

It’s been great for me this past winter when I didn’t want to be outside so much. Now that the weather is getting better, I will spend a lot more time outdoors. But you can be sure I will make some time to play GeoGuessr.

Ok, friends. That’s all I’ve got today. I just wanted to share what I’m doing and enjoying to keep my brain healthy. Check out GeoGuessr and see what you think. Have fun!

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