My favorite local bookstore is closed. Permanently closed. It was a series of things that led to the demise of this wonderful little store that I could spend hours in. Staying relevant in a time where it’s easy to shop online, order a book and have it delivered quickly, sometimes small independent bookstores get lost in the shuffle. That, coupled with being closed for months to repair smoke and water damage from a fire in a neighboring store, was making it difficult for the bookstore to thrive. Add in a pandemic, and, well, that was the end. The end of our only independently owned bookstore in town.

I have bought a lot of books from that bookstore over the years. But I’ve also bought books elsewhere, like Target or Amazon, even the grocery store. I’ve spent a lot of money on books over the years. I love to read! If you’ve been here on my blog for a while, you know that. I would share my books with family once I was done with them. And when they were returned to me, they went into a pile to donate. I have sold some of my used books at times, but that can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. You could probably stock a small library with all of the books I have donated to the local thrift stores over the years.

I recently read an article on the website The Sustainable Perspective. The article explored the pros and cons of paper books versus a Kindle. It really got me thinking about the effect that books have on the environment and what their carbon footprint looks like. This is honestly something I have never considered. I LOVE books! I have read and/or bought probably thousands of books in my lifetime but never once considered how the process of getting that book to the store affects the environment. Here is a link to the article if you would like to check it out.

We have, for the past few years, been making a huge effort to purge stuff from our home. Books have been on the list of things to go. I don’t want to store books anymore, with the exception of just a couple of my favorites. With that in mind, a Kindle is on my Christmas list this year. While I love the feel of a book in my hands while reading, a Kindle seems to make more sense for someone like me who reads a ton. All the books I want to read in one little spot. It’s small enough that I can throw it in my purse and take it anywhere. And no more piles of books waiting to be donated. I have also renewed my library card and have made use of checking out books once again. Not sure why I ever stopped doing that, but it’s nice to be back. I may, on occasion, pick up a used book here or there at a garage sale or a used book sale, but my main method for reading after the holidays will be the Kindle. I’m kind of excited!

Are you a book lover like me? Do you love to read? Do you read on a Kindle or do you love actual books? I’m not sure if I will love the Kindle as much as I love books, but I’m gonna give it a try!

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